Revealing the Unknown: Making Christ Known in a Lost World
Pastor Patrick Mesisca   -  

Welcome to another Mission-focused service! Today, we delve into Paul’s message on Mars Hill in Acts 17:16-34. This passage exemplifies the power of understanding and engaging our audience when sharing the Gospel. Addressing a diverse group of Jews, Greeks, Epicureans, Stoics, and Neologians, Paul observed their altar to an unknown god and used it to introduce them to the One True God.

Paul’s ability to connect with his audience by acknowledging their spiritual curiosity and using it as a bridge to proclaim the Gospel is remarkable. He revealed that the unknown God they worshiped in ignorance was the transcendent Creator and imminent Savior who desires a personal relationship with each of them.

This teaches us the importance of understanding the backgrounds, beliefs, and spiritual yearnings of those we seek to reach. By doing so, we can effectively communicate the truth of God’s love and the call to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

As we present the Gospel, let us boldly call people to respond to the message, trusting God with the results. Our responsibility is to faithfully share the good news and leave the work of transformation to the Holy Spirit. We are also excited to commission our youth who will be traveling to Alabama this Friday to serve the city of Mobile. Their willingness to go and serve testifies to their commitment to living out the Gospel in word and deed. Please join us in praying for their safety, effectiveness, and spiritual growth during this mission trip.

Let’s continue to seek ways to understand and engage those around us with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

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