SERIES: SNAPSHOTS TO THE CRUCIFIXION – The Resurrection of Lazarus, John 11

Series: Snapshots to the crucifixion

The Resurrection of Lazarus, John 11

March 12th, 2023

Pastor Patrick Mesisca


This morning, I am happy to announce that we are starting our first sermon series together titled: Snapshots to the crucifixion. In the next four weeks, leading up to Good Friday, we will examine several key events in the life of Jesus that led to the crucifixion. We will see that although these events escalated the crucifixion to occur before the big Jewish celebration of Passover, nothing occurred or can occur without the sovereign hand of God allowing it.

I have great assurance that although the followers of Christ did not understand everything that was happening in the last weeks of Jesus’s life nothing that occurred in the weeks preceding the crucifixion ever took Jesus by surprise. He was fully aware and fully in control of the events leading up to the crucifixion. Therefore, we can trust that although we do not fully understand the events or purposes that unfold in our own lives at the time they occur, we do serve a God who is sovereignly working for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28) even when some events that occur are not good or do not appear to be good at the time.

Take Lazarus’s death as an example. Upon hearing that Lazarus is ill, Jesus intentionally stays away from Lazarus’s town of Bethany and does not arrive there until Lazarus has been dead for four days. You may be asking, why? If Jesus would have rushed to Lazarus’s bedside while he was still alive, would the people not have witnessed an incredible healing miracle?

As we explore John 11, be encouraged to be patient with the Lord. We do not always understand in the moments of of despair what God is up to in our lives. As we will see in this story, patience and perspective can sometimes help us experience greater blessings than we might otherwise have expected.



Series: Snapshots to the crucifixion

Introduction: In John 11, we read about the resurrection of Lazarus, which was a very significant miracle in Jesus’s ministry. However, this event divided the people. Some believed more intensely that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, while others grew angry and sought to kill him before the celebration of Passover. Today, we will explore how the raising of Lazarus impacted the story of Jesus and what lessons we can learn from it.


  1. The Death of and Jesus’s (John 11:1-16)

a) The message from Mary and Martha (John 11:1-3)

b) Jesus’s response and delay (John 11:4-16)

2. The Raising of

and its (John 11:17-46)

a) Jesus’s encounter with Martha and Mary (John 11:17-37)

b) Raising of Lazarus (John 11:38-44)

c) The reaction of the people (John 11:45-46)

3. The

against and His (John 11:47-57)

a) The fear and jealousy of the Pharisees (John 11:47-48)

b) Caiaphas’s prophecy and its significance (John 11:49-53)

c) The decision to arrest and kill Jesus (John 11:54)

Conclusion: The resurrection of Lazarus was a powerful demonstration of Jesus’s divine power and love, but it also contributed to his crucifixion. As we reflect on this story, let us remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and be encouraged to follow Him, even in the face of opposition.

Answer Key:

  • Lazarus, Delay
  • Lazarus, Impact
  • Plot, Jesus, Death

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